The HyEkoTank initiative was started by an alliance of eight businesses to combine expertise in hydrogen, fuel cells, and the maritime sector.

As representatives of the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, the partnership also consists of Shell International Exploration and Production Bv, TECO 2030, Fartygskonstruktioner, Umoe Advanced Composites, TECO Solutions, BLOM Maritime, and Tarbit Shipping.

HyEkoTank will get a €5 million ($5.4 million) funding from the EU as part of the Horizon Europe initiative. The purpose of the 36-month project is to create and implement a retrofit solution that will transform the current fleet and hasten the achievement of seagoing and inland waterway transport’s climate neutrality by 2024.

A conventional 40-foot ISO container will be used for the solution, together with a 2.4 MW fuel cell system, hydrogen fuel gas conditioning, air filtration systems, power converters, battery storage, and automation system. Also, it will have a containerized, 350 bar, compressed 400 kg hydrogen storage with type approval that will allow for crane-assisted container shifting for hydrogen refuelling.

Also, a feasibility study, a model to optimise the hydrogen supply chain to ports, and concept designs to standardise the technologies will all be done as part of the project.

The project will show zero emissions at berth and might cut greenhouse gases (GHG) by up to 60% while in motion. The business thinks it may be a “first mover” in the maritime shipping industry and help the EU meet its climate goals.

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