Hyfluence Systems secured a deal to provide hydrogen refueling and distribution equipment for Avina Clean Hydrogen’s project in Southern California.

Hyfluence will deliver two heavy-duty hydrogen fueling stations at Avina’s production facility, with a total capacity of 2000 kilograms per day.

In this agreement, Hyfluence is to provide compression, storage, and dispensing infrastructure at pressures of both 350 and 700 bars. Additionally, they’ll also supply a HyLoader unit, which is primarily used for filling tube trailers for bulk hydrogen distribution.

Deployment of these hydrogen products will be a collaborative effort with Chart Industries and its subsidiary Howden. These two entities will supply key compression components, aiding in the overall functionality and efficiency of the Hyfluence systems.

Angela Das, the CTO of Hyfluence, highlighted the company’s commitment to developing reliable and innovative fueling solutions for heavy-duty hydrogen vehicles. Similarly, Vishal Shah, the founder, and CEO of Avina Clean Hydrogen shared his enthusiasm for pioneering on-site hydrogen production and refueling station projects in Southern California.

The Hyfluence equipment is slated for production at the company’s manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Canada. It’s expected to be deployed at the Avina site progressively, with a schedule running through 2024 and into the first half of 2025.

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