Norwegian high-tech electrolyser company, Hystar, has secured its first commercial contract with Polish energy giant, Polenergia, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of green hydrogen technology.

The agreement entails the delivery of a 5MW electrolyser as part of Polenergia’s H2HubNS project, located at the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant in Poland. The project aims to establish a green hydrogen plant capable of fueling hydrogen-powered vehicles, supported by two refueling stations and the necessary infrastructure. This collaboration is set to shape the future of hydrogen energy and is scheduled for completion in 2024, with a long-term maintenance contract included.

Hystar, headquartered in Oslo, stands out in the electrolysis field due to its innovative and safe PEM electrolysers. Their unique patented design incorporates a membrane that is 90% thinner than competitors, enabling the production of up to 150% more green hydrogen or a reduction in costs by 10% compared to existing models. This breakthrough technology positions Hystar as a key player in the global deployment of electrolysers, aiming to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen on a large scale.

Building on their recent success, Hystar secured a $26 million series B funding round in January 2023, attracting investment from prominent players such as Mitsubishi Corporation and Nippon Steel. The funds will be instrumental in Hystar’s mission to achieve full commercialization and expand its operations worldwide.

In pursuit of continuous innovation, Hystar established its cutting-edge Innovation Centre in Høvik, Norway. This state-of-the-art facility encompasses in-house R&D capabilities and advanced laboratories, allowing Hystar to further optimize its automated electrolyser manufacturing processes and maintain its technological edge.

Recognizing the importance of partnerships, Hystar entered into a three-year supply agreement with Johnson Matthey, a renowned sustainable technology leader. This collaboration ensures a reliable supply of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), a critical component that defines the performance of electrolysers.

Looking ahead, Hystar’s field project, HyPilot, will involve esteemed industry leaders Yara Clean Ammonia and Equinor. Yara will explore the production of green ammonia, while Equinor will test the variable production loads of green hydrogen, simulating offshore wind conditions. These initiatives demonstrate Hystar’s commitment to advancing the practical applications of green hydrogen in various sectors, including transportation and renewable energy storage.

While the collaboration between Hystar and Polenergia signifies tremendous progress in the green hydrogen landscape, several challenges must be addressed. These include ensuring a reliable supply of renewable energy for electrolysis, developing a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure, and optimizing the economic viability of large-scale green hydrogen projects.

With Hystar’s groundbreaking electrolysis technology and strategic partnerships, the potential impact of their initiatives extends beyond Poland, offering a promising pathway toward a sustainable, decarbonized future powered by green hydrogen.

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