Ireland is forging ahead with its commitment to the energy transition as two new green hydrogen projects are unveiled in Co Offaly and Co Mayo. Following the release of the National Hydrogen Strategy by the Irish Government, Mercury Renewables and Bord na Móna are set to develop large-scale hydrogen production facilities.

These projects aim to contribute to the country’s hydrogen economy, reduce emissions, and create green energy alternatives. With ambitious goals for renewable hydrogen, Ireland is taking significant strides toward a sustainable future.

Mercury Renewables, in collaboration with UK partners, has submitted a planning application for a strategic infrastructure development (SID) for a utility-scale integrated wind farm and green hydrogen project in Firlough, Mayo. The €200 million development plans to produce 4.5 million kilograms of green hydrogen annually. This green hydrogen will fuel various modes of transportation, including cars, lorries, buses, and trains, supporting the country’s decarbonization efforts. By utilizing renewable energy from the Firlough Wind Farm, the hydrogen plant will employ electrolysis to split water into green hydrogen and oxygen, with no emissions or harmful by-products.

Bord na Móna has obtained planning permission for a 2MW pilot-scale Hydrogen Electrolysis Plant in Mount Lucas, Offaly. This project marks an important milestone in Ireland’s green hydrogen industry, aiming to produce over 200,000 kilograms of green hydrogen per year. The Mount Lucas plant will contribute to decarbonizing the national transport sector, replacing more than half a million liters of diesel annually. The hydrogen produced will support Ireland’s renewable energy targets and address the energy requirements of industries that are challenging to decarbonize using other means. Construction is scheduled to commence next year, with production expected to start by 2025.

Both projects align with the recently published National Hydrogen Strategy, which outlines Ireland’s vision for the development of a thriving hydrogen economy. The strategy sets a target of 2GW of green hydrogen energy by 2030. These initiatives by Mercury Renewables and Bord na Móna contribute significantly to achieving this goal, demonstrating the country’s commitment to decarbonization and sustainable energy solutions. The projects also provide employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and position Ireland as a leader in green hydrogen production.

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