Jericho Energy Ventures has chosen to pursue a strategic process to explore a potential spin-off and separate listing of its hydrogen platform.

By giving each the opportunity to operate as independent entities, this strategic move aims to forge two streamlined companies with laser sharp focus in their respective markets. This presents a clear investment thesis, valuable portfolio investments and an optimal capital structure, propelling these businesses towards superior outcomes.

As articulated by Brian Williamson, CEO of Jericho Energy Ventures, this strategic move is driven by Jericho’s commitment to cater to the changing energy market demands. Structuring two agile, specialized companies, with unique strategic objectives, sets the stage for sustained growth, profitability, and increased investor appeal.

In terms of benefiting existing JEV shareholders, the aim is to allow each shareholder an equal stake in both pure-play H2 and Oil & Gas enterprises. Both entities are expected to concentrate on realizing their full potential in their respective sectors.

However, the specific details, timing or completion of this process are yet to be determined. If the spin-off transaction does come to fruition, shares of Jericho Energy Ventures, representing its oil and gas business, are expected to remain listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol JEV. The Company committed to providing more updates as the strategic process make significant strides.

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