The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jordan has inked a crucial memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Jordan Green Ammonia Company. This groundbreaking agreement paves the way for in-depth feasibility studies focusing on green hydrogen projects within the nation.

Setting the Stage for Green Hydrogen

This milestone MoU, formalized in the presence of Saleh Kharabsheh, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, and Wael Suleiman, CEO of the Jordan Green Ammonia Company, marks the third collaborative effort in the realm of green hydrogen and green ammonia production in Jordan.

The primary goal of this agreement is to initiate a year-long preliminary feasibility study, laying a strong foundation for a comprehensive green hydrogen project. The study’s outcomes will significantly influence the future of green hydrogen in Jordan.

Should these studies yield promising results, the Ministry is fully prepared to advance to a formal framework agreement, ultimately culminating in a final investment agreement. Minister Kharabsheh emphasized the ministry’s commitment to a green vision, which aligns seamlessly with Jordan’s economic modernization vision (2020-2030), placing strong emphasis on green hydrogen production in the country.

A Vision of Green Energy

Jordan’s green hydrogen strategy is on the verge of unveiling, building upon the nation’s established success in renewable energy contributions. Minister Kharabsheh disclosed that 12 corporations have already expressed their intent to collaborate in Jordan’s green hydrogen production initiatives. This collaborative interest underscores the mutually beneficial relationship between the Ministry and potential investment partners.

Wael Suleiman, the CEO of the Jordan Green Ammonia Company, stressed the significance of Jordan’s strategic location in the Sun Belt and its wealth of solar energy resources. He emphasized that the path to harnessing green hydrogen’s immense potential lies in the cooperation between private sector entities and the government.

The Jordan Green Ammonia Company, a domestic enterprise, is backed by international stakeholders, including the Emirati company, 7Fidelity, and the Polish firm, Hynfra. This strategic partnership reinforces the global importance of Jordan’s efforts in green hydrogen production and underlines its commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Finalizing the Blueprint for Green Hydrogen

As the green hydrogen revolution gains momentum in Jordan, the collaboration between the Ministry and the Jordan Green Ammonia Company represents a significant step forward. The preliminary feasibility studies initiated by this MoU are instrumental in shaping the blueprint for Jordan’s green hydrogen initiatives.

Jordan’s commitment to green hydrogen, backed by international collaboration, underscores the nation’s determination to lead the charge in sustainable energy production. With ample solar resources and a strategic location in the Sun Belt, Jordan is positioning itself as a global hub for green hydrogen production, with far-reaching implications for the future of clean energy.

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