Jordan is making significant strides in the green hydrogen arena, sealing five groundbreaking pacts during the COP 28 summit in Dubai.

These agreements mark a commitment to feasibility studies for projects aiming to produce a staggering 2.35 million tonnes of green hydrogen and ammonia annually within the kingdom.

In a bold move, Jordan’s energy minister, Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, signed five crucial memoranda of understanding during the COP 28 summit, solidifying the country’s commitment to green hydrogen. These pacts pave the way for feasibility studies on projects set to produce a massive 2.35 million tonnes of green hydrogen and ammonia annually within Jordan’s borders.

Ocior Energy takes center stage in Jordan’s green hydrogen narrative, outlining plans for a facility with the capacity to produce 1 million tonnes of green ammonia annually. The phased development, targeting an initial 100,000 tonnes, aims for the ambitious 1 million tonnes milestone by 2030, signaling a transformative shift in the country’s energy landscape.

A powerful consortium, comprising KEPCO and Xenel, joins Jordan’s green hydrogen movement with plans for a project envisioning the production of 1 million tonnes of green ammonia from hydrogen. This collaborative effort underscores Jordan’s commitment to fostering partnerships for sustainable energy solutions.

Abu Dhabi-based renewables developer Masdar takes the lead in exploring Jordan’s green hydrogen potential with a feasibility study near the Port of Aqaba. The project aims to produce up to 50,000 tonnes of hydrogen annually, leveraging desalinated sea water and renewable energy—a significant step in positioning Jordan as a regional green energy hub.

Catalyst Investment Management Jordan steps into the spotlight with a project contemplating the production of 150,000 tonnes of green ammonia in Jordan. This ambitious endeavor, outlined in the fifth pact, aligns with the country’s broader vision of becoming a regional center for green energy, further cementing its commitment to sustainability.

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