Duisburg, Germany’s inland port, is set to witness a transformation with the development of the Duisburg Gateway Terminal (DGT), facilitated by financing from KfW IPEX-Bank.

The formation of DGT represents a collaborative effort among international logistics firms and port operators, solidifying its place as a core component of the Port of Duisburg, renowned as the largest inland port globally.

The strategic investment by KfW IPEX-Bank is aimed at the construction and operation of phase 1 of the DGT, envisioned to be the most extensive container terminal within a European inland port, spanning an impressive 235,000m² area. DGT distinguishes itself by offering trimodal transportation capabilities, seamlessly integrating shipping, rail, and road freight operations. Notably, it will pioneer fully climate-neutral operations using hydrogen, a feat made possible through the “enerport II” initiative. This project focuses on deploying hydrogen-based energy conversion technologies within the Port of Duisburg while transitioning numerous processes to electrification. The DGT stands as a trailblazer in championing environmental sustainability within inland ports, exemplifying a shift from coal-intensive practices to hydrogen-based solutions, positioning itself as a beacon for future logistical endeavors.

Moreover, DGT is slated to host a specialized warehouse dedicated to hazardous goods tank containers. This facility serves as a vital resource for the chemical industry along the Rhine River, offering a storage alternative during low water levels and challenging navigation conditions, as opposed to traditional inland waterway vessel storage. Additionally, the warehouse will serve as a pivotal transshipment hub for tank containers carrying hydrogen or its precursor, ammonia. Notably, this infrastructure facilitates the distribution of hydrogen to smaller industrial entities that currently lack access to pipeline connections, enhancing accessibility to clean energy sources for a broader spectrum of consumers.

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