Denver-based startup Koloma is once again making waves in the world of sustainable technology, backed by heavyweight investors including Bill Gates, Amazon, and United Airlines. With a recent infusion of $245.7 million in funding, the company is poised to accelerate its groundbreaking research and development initiatives in pursuit of a greener future.

Koloma’s journey began with an initial fundraising round of $300 million, during which Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, demonstrated his confidence in the company’s vision. Now, with Amazon and United Airlines joining the investor lineup through their climate and sustainable development funds, Koloma is primed to scale its operations and drive innovation in renewable energy technologies.

The recent funding influx coincides with Koloma’s receipt of a $900,000 loan from the Department of Energy, facilitated by the Arpa-e agency. This financial support will fuel Koloma’s research efforts focused on natural hydrogen, a promising avenue for clean energy production.

Natural hydrogen, extracted from renewable sources such as water or biomass, holds immense potential as a clean and sustainable energy carrier. Koloma’s research aims to harness this potential, paving the way for a future powered by abundant, carbon-neutral hydrogen fuel.

By attracting investments from industry giants like Amazon and United Airlines, Koloma underscores the growing importance of climate-conscious innovation in today’s business landscape. These partnerships not only validate Koloma’s technology but also signal a broader shift towards environmentally responsible investment practices.

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