Levidian is set to redefine sustainability with its hydrogen project designed for United Utilities, the UK’s largest listed water company.

The initiative leverages Levidian’s pioneering ‘LOOP’ technology to capture carbon, produce graphene, and generate hydrogen from bio-waste, offering a sustainable solution to wastewater treatment decarbonization.

Levidian, in collaboration with United Utilities, aims to tackle two critical challenges in the industry: reducing emissions in wastewater treatment and easing the financial burden associated with the process. The ‘LOOP’ technology not only addresses these concerns but also provides an on-site hydrogen source for United Utilities’ heavy-duty vehicle fleet.

The environmental impact of the initiative is substantial, aiming to save nearly 50 tonnes of methane emissions annually while producing approximately 10 tonnes of hydrogen. Funding for the sustainable green hydrogen plant comes from DESNZ’s Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme, amounting to £3 million. This financial support underscores the recognition of technologies capable of producing hydrogen from biogenic feedstocks and combining them with carbon capture.

‘LOOP’ technology seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, removing carbon from methane to enable instant decarbonization for businesses. Levidian asserts that by replacing natural gas with hydrogen, companies could achieve an immediate 40% reduction in the CO2 potential of their operations. This adaptability positions ‘LOOP’ as a versatile solution applicable to sites producing methane or utilizing natural gas.

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