Lhyfe aims to make entry to the hydrogen market easier with the creation of an online portal for project owners intending to deploy hydrogen solutions or currently in the process of switching to H2 and looking for suppliers.

The platform of Lhyfe is called Lhyfe Heroes. These companies’ “Heroes” are the producers of hydrogen-powered vehicles and equipment as well as the local governments, logistics corporations, and transportation firms that are setting the bar for hydrogen utilization. These trailblazers who actively combat climate change by reducing their CO2 emissions are necessary for the energy transition.

Because bringing hydrogen to end users first necessitates the development of a complete ecosystem, uniting all players in the value chain, such as hydrogen producers, fuel station developers, fuel distributors, vehicle manufacturers, etc., Lhyfe has designed this platform to support the efforts of these pioneers. Future hydrogen project developers will have a clearer perspective and be able to deploy solutions more quickly thanks to Lhyfe, which has all of these participants on one platform.

All users of the Lhyfe Heroes platform, both those who are looking for hydrogen solutions and those who are suppliers of hydrogen goods like hydrogen car manufacturers, can use it for free. Lhyfe has produced a list of about 100 solutions that are currently on the market for its launch. Product suppliers now have the option to upgrade to Partner status so they can add and amend the products to their Supplier profile. They’ll get requests from clients who might be interested in their goods in exchange, and they’ll get access to the platform’s indicators.

Since Lhyfe wants to give potential clients of hydrogen solutions the most comprehensive, accurate, and current inventory possible, becoming a partner is free. Stellantis, a producer of automobiles and a pioneer in novel mobility, PRF, a Portuguese firm that builds hydrogen stations, and GCK, a company that specializes in retrofits, are the three suppliers that have already committed to the project.

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