Linde has unveiled plans for a advancement in Brazil’s hydrogen energy landscape. The company’s subsidiary, White Martins, is set to construct, own, and operate a second electrolyzer plant to produce green hydrogen in the southeast region of Brazil.

The forthcoming electrolyzer plant, boasting a capacity of five megawatts, will adopt pressurized alkaline electrolysis technology. Strategically situated adjacent to Linde’s existing air separation facility in Jacareí, São Paulo, the new plant will harness renewable energy from local solar and wind projects to facilitate the production of independently certified green hydrogen.

One of the primary objectives of the new plant is to cater to the sustainability objectives of various industrial sectors. By supplying green hydrogen to glass manufacturer Cebrace, Linde aims to facilitate emissions reduction from glass melting furnaces in Jacareí. Moreover, the plant will meet the escalating demand for competitively priced green hydrogen across diverse industries, including metals, food, and chemicals.

Anticipated to commence operations in 2025, the new electrolyzer plant marks a significant milestone in Linde’s strategic roadmap for sustainable energy solutions in Brazil. Building upon its successful green hydrogen production endeavor in Pernambuco in 2022, White Martins is poised to reinforce its position as a pioneering player in South America’s green hydrogen landscape.

Gilney Bastos, President South Latin America at Linde, emphasizes the company’s unwavering dedication to fostering the energy transition in Brazil. By investing in green hydrogen infrastructure to serve São Paulo’s industrial hub, Linde underscores its pivotal role in facilitating the decarbonization efforts of industrial stakeholders while offering innovative solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

Linde’s foray into green hydrogen production aligns with its overarching mission to drive the clean energy transition globally. Leveraging its expertise in carbon capture and hydrogen technologies, Linde is empowering its customers to embark on sustainable operational pathways. Through strategic alliances, cutting-edge engineering solutions, and robust infrastructure, Linde is poised to catalyze the adoption of clean energy initiatives across diverse sectors.

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