In order to establish a clean hydrogen center in Florida, the United States, Low Carbon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Space Florida and Ocean Green Hydrogen.

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the installation of carbon capture utilization (CCU) and direct air carbon capture (DAC) facilities in the aerospace industry complex, cooperation for the supply and distribution of clean hydrogen, joint establishment and implementation of project plans, business development and financial planning are the main topics of the business agreement.

They also concurred to extend the business agreement’s validity through September 30 and quicken the project’s preparation in order to finalize the primary contract as soon as possible.

In addition to signing an EPC (design, procurement, and construction) service contract with Korea Gas Technology Company for the generation of clean hydrogen, Low Carbon has already been preparing for the signing of the major commercial deal. After completing the practical work for design and quote, the fundamental design is underway with CCC Group, an EPC specialist in the US.

In reality, Low Carbon incorporated in the US in January of last year and has been getting ready for business by running sales offices in Florida and Texas.

In the meantime, Low Carbon is working on a long-term carbon sequestration project through CCU at emission sources such cement facilities in the United States, LNG power stations, petrochemical plants, and household trash incinerators in addition to the deal that was inked. The export of ZeroC, a piece of Low Carbon’s DAC technology, to the US is also the subject of ongoing negotiations.

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