Larsen and Toubro (L&T) has initiated operations at its maiden domestically manufactured hydrogen electrolyser facility in Hazira, Gujarat.

Hydrogen, a clean and versatile fuel, is derived through the process of electrolysis, wherein water (H2O) is split into its constituent elements, hydrogen, and oxygen, using electricity. This transformative process, facilitated by electrolysers, holds the key to producing green hydrogen, free from harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

L&T Electrolysers, a newly established division within Larsen and Toubro, specializes in the manufacture of pressurized alkaline electrolysers, drawing upon cutting-edge technology from McPhy Energy in France. By leveraging its state-of-the-art Hazira facility, L&T aims to meet the escalating demand for green hydrogen in India and beyond. The company is committed to enhancing product localization through an optimized local supply chain and advanced automation to ensure cost competitiveness.

According to reports by CNBC TV 18, the electrolyser boasts a rated power capacity of 1 MW, extendable to 2 MW, with the capability to produce 200 Nm3/Hr of hydrogen. Equipped with two stacks and an electrolyzer processing unit ML-400, it offers exceptional flexibility and thermal stability, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and performance.

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