Marelli has unveiled its maiden hydrogen fuel system, ushering in a new era for eco-mobility. This cutting-edge solution, featuring patented injectors and a sophisticated Engine Control Unit (ECU), is tailored for hydrogen engines, offering a greener alternative to traditional combustion engines by emitting zero CO2.

Marelli’s hydrogen fuel system is a strategic leap toward revolutionizing eco-mobility. By harnessing the power of hydrogen engines, which share similarities with conventional endothermic engines but utilize hydrogen as fuel, Marelli aims to provide an environmentally friendly option with zero carbon emissions. The primary goal is to offer precision, efficiency, and performance while ensuring easy integration and reducing overall complexity.

The heart of Marelli’s innovation lies in the precision and efficiency of hydrogen injection. Hydrogen, being a lightweight and reactive gas, demands an intricate fuel injection process to avoid issues such as pre-ignitions and backfire. The direct injection system becomes a pivotal enabler for this technology, requiring a higher compression ratio than traditional gasoline engines to optimize fuel efficiency.

Leveraging its expertise in high-pressure direct injection technology, Marelli has developed a 700+ bar hydrogen injection system. The solution, originating from Marelli’s Propulsion Solutions R&D center in Bologna, promises high durability, injection stability, and outstanding performance, setting a new standard for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Marelli’s foray into hydrogen fuel systems holds immense potential for the automotive industry. By meeting the stringent requirements of hydrogen engines, Marelli is contributing to the rise of hydrogen-powered vehicles that offer a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. The potential impact extends beyond reducing carbon emissions to addressing the challenges of integration, performance, and durability in hydrogen-based automotive solutions.

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