Hyundai Motor Company to showcase future vision at CES 2024

Hyundai Motor Company will showcase a vision for the future at CES 2024, the world’s largest home appliance and information and communication exhibition, which takes place in early January of next year in Las Vegas, USA.

This vision extends beyond the purview of mobility firms. The 21st of July saw Hyundai Motor Company reveal that the ‘Great Transition to Hydrogen and Software’ theme for their participation in the CES the following year will showcase a future vision of mobility that is ‘human-centered’ and goes beyond the’movement’ aspect of mobility.

Dangjin City holds service briefing session on hydrogen city promotion

In order to effectively promote the hydrogen city that will be constructed in the Songsan-myeon area between this year and 2026, Dangjin City organized a service briefing session, investing a total of 40 billion won.

The final report on the development of the master plan for the hydrogen city development project was held at Dangjin City Hall, as the city stated on the 21st.

Dangjin Mayor Oh Seong-hwan, relevant government representatives, and relevant businesspeople attended the briefing session to review the current situation and talk about future plans.

An initial report was released in April, an interim report in May, and a final report in June as part of the master plan establishment service. They declared that after making the last adjustments and taking into account the feedback gathered from this briefing, they intend to start the project in earnest.

Toyota takes part in endurance races with hydrogen vehicle

The Thailand 10-hour Endurance Race, or IDEMITSU SUPER ENDURANCE SOUTHEAST ASIA TROPHY 2023, was held on December 22 and 23 at Thailand’s Chang International Circuit. Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) confirmed that it took part in the race.

It participated in ROOKIE Racing with a three-vehicle lineup that included the CP ROOKIE PRIUS CNF-HEV GR concept, a Prius HEV fueled by carbon-neutral gasoline; the ORC ROOKIE GR Corolla H2 concept, a hydrogen-powered Corolla; and the ORC ROOKIE GR86 CNF concept. All three cars finished the race.

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