In a resounding step toward combating climate change, Mote has secured $1.2 million in grant funding from the US Forest Service, the California Department of Conservation, and the California Department of Forestry (CAL FIRE).

The funds will fuel the establishment of a cutting-edge biomass-to-hydrogen and carbon sequestration plant in partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). This collaborative effort sets the stage for an innovative solution that holds the promise of carbon-negative hydrogen and a greener energy landscape.

This ambitious endeavor, the second of its kind for Mote, is rooted in a visionary approach to harnessing biomass waste, specifically wood residues, to produce carbon-negative hydrogen. By integrating carbon capture and geological sequestration methods, Mote’s technology ingeniously extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while delivering low-cost, clean hydrogen. This approach marks a remarkable departure from conventional hydrogen projects, with Mote’s product boasting an unprecedented carbon intensity score of -150 gCO2/MJ.

The projected impact is substantial: the plant is expected to generate approximately 21,000 metric tons per year of carbon-negative hydrogen, while sequestering over 450,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. This translates to a carbon offset equivalent to the emissions of more than 100,000 cars annually.

In addition to its environmental prowess, Mote’s technology offers economic and societal benefits by repurposing waste that would otherwise be discarded or contribute to harmful emissions.

Lora Anguay, Chief Zero Carbon Officer at SMUD, underlines the significance of such collaborative ventures in ushering a sustainable future. “Our ambitious 2030 Zero Carbon Plan and visionary leadership… foster an equitable transition toward a clean energy economy and future that benefits all communities,” she notes.

Mote’s strides have also garnered federal recognition, including an invitation to the Department of Energy Loan Programs Office’s Clean Energy Financing program. This milestone, coupled with strategic partnerships, underscores the industry’s growing enthusiasm for transformative solutions in the energy transition.

As Mote Inc. propels carbon-negative hydrogen into the spotlight, its mission reverberates: to reshape the energy landscape, curbing carbon emissions and forging a path toward a net-zero future.

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