Mozambique, endowed with abundant natural resources and a strategic geographical location, is poised to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a frontrunner in hydrogen production within southern Africa by the year 2030.

With a steadfast commitment to harnessing its vast potential, the country has unveiled an ambitious energy transition strategy, underscoring its aspirations to shape the future of energy on the continent.

At the heart of Mozambique’s energy transition strategy lies a bold vision to establish itself as a hub for hydrogen production, particularly focusing on the development of green hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources. With a significant emphasis on leveraging its abundant hydropower resources, Mozambique aims to harness the power of green hydrogen to drive sustainable economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Central to Mozambique’s hydrogen ambitions is the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in renewable energy generation, storage, and distribution. The country’s robust hydropower infrastructure forms the cornerstone of its green hydrogen aspirations, offering a reliable and cost-effective foundation for scaling up hydrogen production. Additionally, the strategy emphasizes the need for strategic investments in infrastructure, including production facilities, storage solutions, and transportation networks, to support the burgeoning hydrogen industry.

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