Nikola Corporation revealed the sites of three hydrogen stations in California in order to enhance and expand its long-term hydrogen distribution solutions to meet market demand.

Nikola’s integrated energy and zero-emissions truck portfolio will be supported by the development of a hydrogen supply and refueling infrastructure, a crucial step toward decarbonizing the heavy-duty transportation industry.

The three refueling stations and logistical infrastructure in California will be placed in the communities of Colton, Ontario, and a site that serves the Port of Long Beach. Plans for more stations to satisfy truck demand are in the works and will be disclosed in the near future.

These stations will assist essential customers and boost California’s efforts to decarbonize its transportation sector.

“This marks an important step in Nikola’s ability to deliver innovative solutions and the infrastructure needed to decarbonize the transportation industry,” says President, Nikola Energy Pablo Koziner. “Our hydrogen refueling stations, along with a comprehensive energy supply, will provide customers the support needed to transition their fleets to zero-emissions.”

“TA is committed to providing viable infrastructure to support the nation’s shift toward alternative fuels, and this collaboration with Nikola reflects our ongoing commitment to this goal,” said Jon Pertchik, Chief Executive Officer of TravelCenters of America. “The success of the transportation industry’s transition toward alternative fuel adoption is dependent, in part, on collaborations like this.”

“The establishment of a ‘clean fuel’ facility for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, is a huge step forward in seeing the trucking industry move towards these types of vehicles. Actions like these are building blocks to cleaner air for Colton residents and the surrounding region and we are proud to support initiatives that align with our vision,” said Mario Suarez, Planning Manager, City of Colton, California.

Long Beach and Los Angeles are two of the largest commercial transportation hubs in the world, with an emphasis on decarbonization. Our port-serving station will be a crucial pillar of our hydrogen dispensing system.

“The Nikola hydrogen refueling stations represent an important step forward to enable zero-emissions logistics solutions in Southern California. The Port of Long Beach station is an ideal location to support ocean drayage solutions for TTSI and other logistics providers,” said Mike Bible, Chief Executive Officer of TTSI. “TTSI is excited about the prospects of hydrogen fuel cell technology as a viable solution to decarbonize the freight trucking industry.”

Nikola is developing full zero-emission solutions for heavy-duty trucks. By combining the work of its truck and energy teams, Nikola connects hydrogen fuel cell electric cars to hydrogen production hubs and distribution stations. These stations represent a significant milestone in the supply of a wider range of hydrogen fueling solutions to the heavy-duty trucking sector.

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