Nine million euros will be spent by the state of Upper Austria on a “Hydrogen Offensive 2030” with three main objectives.

A research centre will be developed at the university of applied sciences in Wels, as well as a hydrogen network for businesses and academic institutions, and a request for proposals will be issued.

The manufacturing industry in Upper Austria accounts for about 40% of total energy usage. There is “hence a considerable possibility to replace fossil fuels there with hydrogen from renewable sources.”

According to the proposal, businesses and academic institutions will receive help in the hydrogen research center’s usage of green hydrogen and in the creation of hydrogen technology’s component parts. The state will invest six million euros in the initial phase of implementation, which will last until 2025.

Forces must also be “bundled” into a network. In Upper Austria, the Province Council reports that about 30 businesses are now engaged in hydrogen-related research. This summer will see the first networking event. In addition, it stated that starting on May 2, 2023, the state will provide three million euros. The state administration will decide on the tender on Monday afternoon.

Monday saw criticism from the SP O. At first appearance, the nine million euros allocated for H2 research would seem commendable. But, according to SP state chairman Michael Lindner, only three million euros are really being used for research initiatives, despite plans for a Wels research centre to get six million. According to Lindner, a more thorough and realistic strategy is required, along with a quicker pipeline infrastructure development process and the conclusion of import agreements for green hydrogen.

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