The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has announced a new “Hydrogen Production and Infrastructure Development” tender aimed at accelerating the country’s transition to a hydrogen-based energy system.

The tender was published on June 14, 2024, with a submission deadline of August 15, 2024. This initiative is a significant step for Norway, aligning with its broader goals of reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources.

The main objectives of this tender are to establish hydrogen production facilities and develop the necessary infrastructure to support hydrogen usage in various sectors, such as transportation, industrial processes, and residential heating. The tender is divided into several critical components:

1. Hydrogen Production Facilities: The tender invites proposals for building new hydrogen production plants utilizing renewable energy sources. These facilities are expected to have a significant capacity to produce green hydrogen, which is generated through water electrolysis using renewable energy. This process is crucial as it ensures that hydrogen production does not emit greenhouse gases.

2. Infrastructure Development: The tender also calls for constructing refueling stations and pipelines to transport hydrogen. These infrastructure projects are essential to creating a reliable supply chain for hydrogen, ensuring that it is readily available for various applications. The development of hydrogen refueling stations will be particularly vital for supporting the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles, which are a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based transportation.

3. Technical Requirements: The tender specifies several key technical requirements. The plants must achieve an efficiency rate of at least 65% for hydrogen production facilities in converting renewable energy into hydrogen. Additionally, the hydrogen produced must meet a purity standard of at least 99.97% to be suitable for fuel cells and other sensitive applications. The infrastructure projects must comply with safety standards and ensure minimal leakage to maintain the integrity and environmental benefits of the hydrogen supply.

The significance of this tender for the hydrogen industry cannot be overstated. It represents a comprehensive approach to developing a hydrogen economy by addressing production and distribution challenges. By investing in these projects, Norway aims to position itself at the forefront of the global hydrogen market, potentially reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering overall carbon emissions.

Prospective bidders are encouraged to submit detailed proposals demonstrating innovation, efficiency, and a clear roadmap for execution. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will evaluate submissions based on their technical merits, feasibility, and potential impact.

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