Norwegian Hydrogen, alongside a coalition of ten partners, has clinched a €9 million grant from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. This funding will support the establishment of an integrated green hydrogen value chain at the Port of Hirtshals in Denmark, with Norwegian Hydrogen leading the initiative.

The grant, endorsed under the EU’s research and innovation program Horizon Europe, specifically the call HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2023 for Hydrogen Valleys (small scale), aims to fuel the CONVEY project. This venture seeks to create an all-encompassing hydrogen ecosystem at the Port of Hirtshals in Northern Jutland, Denmark. It will leverage renewable energy sourced from local wind turbines for hydrogen production, contributing significantly to the decarbonization efforts at the port. The project includes the installation of a 5 MW electrolyzer, a large refueling station catering to heavy-duty transport, and network infrastructure for hydrogen, oxygen, and heat. Emphasizing circularity principles, CONVEY aims to ensure efficient and sustainable utilization of all elements in the process.

The project aspires to transform the Port of Hirtshals into a blueprint for green ports over a five-year period. By focusing on decarbonization and sustainability, it aims to establish a hydrogen closed-loop ecosystem to showcase a sustainable energy system driven by local renewable energy sources for hydrogen production and distribution.

Through a collaborative effort, Norwegian Hydrogen and a consortium of expert partners from various sectors aim to establish a sustainable infrastructure for hydrogen production and distribution, with a target of delivering at least 500 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. This partnership, leveraging expertise in hydrogen production, logistics, transportation, and energy system optimization, showcases the versatile potential of hydrogen and its byproducts for a sustainable future.

Apart from Norwegian Hydrogen leading the partnership, other key partners in the project include Vireon, Port of Hirtshals, Greenport North, Hirtshals Transport Center, biomega, Onnest, Vendelbo Spedition, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Next Consult, and Hydrogen Valley. Each partner brings unique expertise to the table, essential for creating a robust hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure.

The EU Commission, through the Horizon program under the Hydrogen Valleys, selected the CONVEY project for funding based on its potential to demonstrate the impact of an integrated hydrogen value chain on the EU’s Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy objectives. The project’s focus on system integration, security enhancement, market development, renewable energy integration, and public awareness of hydrogen benefits aligns with key EU sustainability goals.

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