Vireon, a subsidiary of Norwegian Hydrogen, has clinched a substantial EU grant of €9.2 million to lead the establishment of green hydrogen production and refueling stations for heavy-duty vehicles across Finland and Denmark.

The EU grant, totaling €9.2 million, signifies a significant endorsement of Norwegian Hydrogen’s vision and Vireon’s capabilities in driving sustainable energy solutions. With this funding, Vireon aims to construct a 5 MW electrolyzer and establish a network of green hydrogen refueling stations spanning from Northern Finland through Sweden and Denmark to continental Europe.

The project’s ambition extends beyond mere infrastructure development; it seeks to catalyze the widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles across the region. By strategically locating seven refueling stations in Finland and Denmark, Vireon ensures accessibility for both passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles, laying the groundwork for a sustainable transportation corridor.

Supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Vireon’s initiative aligns seamlessly with the European Green Deal’s objectives. As a vital component of Europe’s decarbonization strategy, the CEF fosters sustainable and interconnected networks in transport, energy, and digital services, driving the continent towards a greener, more resilient future.

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