In addition to opening applications for $1.5 billion in concessions for large-scale green hydrogen generators, the NSW government is spending $64 million in the state’s first two green hydrogen hub projects in the Illawarra and Moree.

The BOC Illawarra Hydrogen Technology Centre and Sundown’s Keytah cotton farm near Moree are the initial recipients.

A 10 megawatt electrolyser in Port Kembla is part of the Illawarra project and will generate four tonnes of green hydrogen per day for at least four hydrogen refueling stations that will be able to supply up to 40 heavy vehicles with electricity. The project aims to have an electrolyser capacity of 650 megawatts in the long run.

In Moree, green hydrogen and nitrogen from the air are electrolyzed to create green ammonia, which is then used to fertilize nearby crops. To reduce 283,929 tonnes of emissions by 2030, the project plans to increase its output to 112 megawatts.

Matt Kean, the treasurer and minister of energy, said he hoped that the taxpayer investment will lower the price of green hydrogen by about 40% to the government’s objective of less than $2.80 per kilo by 2030 and draw an estimated $80 billion in private investment by 2050.

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