ORLEN recently received €62 million ($66 million) in non-repayable funding from the European Union. This funding aims to support ORLEN’s ambitious plans to establish 16 hydrogen refueling stations in Poland.

The European Union’s allocation of funding under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) underscores its commitment to fostering the development of sustainable energy solutions. ORLEN’s success in securing half of the available €120 million ($127 million) earmarked for hydrogen infrastructure initiatives reflects the company’s strategic positioning in the burgeoning hydrogen market.

In addition to expanding its refueling station network, ORLEN is set to embark on the development of a new green hydrogen production facility in Szczecin. Leveraging advanced water electrolysis technology powered by renewable energy sources, this initiative represents a significant stride towards realizing Poland’s hydrogen production potential. By embracing green hydrogen production, ORLEN aligns with the EU’s vision of transitioning towards carbon-neutral energy sources.

ORLEN’s ‘Clean Cities – Hydrogen Mobility in Poland’ project is poised to enter its third phase with the support of EU funding. The company’s commitment to installing 16 additional refueling stations along the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) underscores its dedication to enhancing hydrogen accessibility across key transportation routes.

Looking ahead, ORLEN envisions the development of a comprehensive network comprising over 100 hydrogen refueling stations across Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia by 2030. This ambitious undertaking reflects ORLEN’s proactive stance in catering to diverse transportation sectors, including private, public, cargo, road, and rail transport.

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