A project worth a total of 19.6 million euros, which will completely utilise the 17.5 million PNR resources Tuscany was asked to allocate for this reason on the regional territory (at the national level, they are worth 450 million euros).

According to Monia Monni, the regional councillor for the environment, “I am happy that Tuscany has been able to seize this opportunity. It is significant to create or strengthen electrolysis generator systems to produce green hydrogen, which represents a priceless energy reserve without polluting effects and is therefore part of the energy transition that Tuscany is carrying out to emancipate itself from fossil fuels. To help other businesses willing to make investments in green innovation, I hope the government will provide more financing on this front.”

Three further projects, proposed by F2I Port Holding, Centro Edile Santa Rita, and Eni, were also determined to be eligible in addition to the Solvay-Sapio project. However, none of these projects can currently be funded due to a shortage of funding.

The Official Bulletin of the Tuscany Region (Burt), which was published today and provides news of the Pnrr ranking reporting the results of the executive decree 5703 of March, does not provide any project overview, so it is still unclear exactly what the investment of more than 19 million euros proposed by Solvay and Sapio will entail.

Only the criteria for participating in the call, which is open to projects aimed at developing one or more electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen (or hydrogen derived from renewable sources), as well as any related auxiliary systems required for the production process, such as any hydrogen compression and storage systems or the development of additional plants to the electrolyzers, remain known as of yet.

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