To develop talent for potential new enterprises, POSCO E&C has inked an MOU with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, the Korea Renewable Energy Association, Jeju National University, and the Korean Society of Building Eco-friendly Equipment.

Through this agreement, POSCO E&C will collaborate with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology on the design, procurement, and construction (EPC) of a zero-energy hydrogen industry, the Korea Renewable Energy Association and Jeju National University on offshore wind power, and the Korea Institute of Building Eco-friendly Equipment on renewable energy projects. In the area of environmentally friendly architecture, such as architecture, we intend to develop an expert workforce.

As a result, by 2024, 400 workers who have experience in related fields will be sequentially chosen and upskilled based on their current job experience (training to acquire new skills related to individual areas of expertise), while at the same time advancing the use of hydrogen, offshore wind power, and eco-friendly technologies. It also intends to reskill in new growing industries like architecture (training to learn new skills to take on responsibilities in other domains inside the organization).

The signing of this agreement is crucial for achieving the mid-to-long-term plan of the POSCO Group, which aims to find a new growth engine for the business and ultimately establish carbon neutrality, according to POSCO E&C CEO Han Seong-hee. Future technology-focused ventures would be actively promoted, he promised.

In the meanwhile, POSCO E&C is planning to undertake a number of new initiatives in line with the eco-friendly policy of the POSCO Group, including securing a hydrogen business value chain, developing an offshore wind power complex, and green remodeling utilizing eco-friendly building technology.

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