Protium has started producing green hydrogen at Baglan Energy Park in South Wales with the assistance of partner organizations Fuel Cell Systems, Enapter, and the University of South Wales (USW).

An important step in creating a network of hydrogen-generating facilities for the UK’s green hydrogen infrastructure has been reached with the commissioning of Pioneer One. The project emphasizes how important green hydrogen may be in cutting down on industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

Protium is able to deliver hydrogen MCPs at a rate of 10 per week, ready to offer directly to customers for uses like car trials, gen-sets, and other smaller beginning hydrogen operations, thanks to the facility’s ability to create 40kg H2 per day. Clients can pick up hydrogen cylinders that have been filled at the Baglan facility.

Pioneer One will manufacture green hydrogen as a full-fledged operation without releasing greenhouse emissions. Up to 111 tonnes of CO2 will be displaced annually, which is the same as planting 4,440 trees or covering 34 football fields in vegetation, or 113 roundtrip flights from London to New York.

The first hydrogen production facility for Protium has undergone design, site preparation, and equipment installation. The Hydrogen Production Facility (HPFinstallation )’s and commissioning were completed this week, and it will soon begin producing hydrogen that is suitable for use in green fuel cells. As of right now, the first batch of green hydrogen-filled storage containers (MCPS) is leaving the assembly line.

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