Samskip Group, a prominent player in European intra-trade and logistics, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by securing €22.5 million in financing for its zero-emission short-sea container vessel.

This strategic partnership, forged with Eurazeo and Ness Risan & Partners (NRP), marks the fifth transaction for the Eurazeo Sustainable Maritime Infrastructure (ESMI) fund and propels Samskip towards a sustainable future.

The vessel, named the Samskip SeaShuttle, is currently in construction at the Cochin shipyard in India, with delivery scheduled for the second half of 2025. What makes this vessel a trailblazer is its hydrogen propulsion system, making it one of the world’s first and largest ships to be powered by hydrogen. The project aligns with Samskip’s commitment to sustainability and contributes to the industry’s broader target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.

The SeaShuttle will utilize green hydrogen as its fuel in the ports of Oslo and Rotterdam. The integration of hydrogen into the vessel’s energy mix is expected to commence in 2026, ultimately enabling the vessel to be entirely carbon neutral by 2030. This ambitious goal positions the Samskip SeaShuttle as one of the greenest vessels ever constructed, surpassing the stringent criteria set by ESMI.

The financing, secured through Eurazeo’s ESMI fund, signifies a significant boost for Samskip’s sustainable vessel project. Eurazeo, an established player in the financial sector, recognizes the importance of supporting initiatives that contribute to carbon neutrality and the reduction of GHG emissions. The collaboration between Samskip, Eurazeo, and NRP exemplifies the kind of partnerships required to facilitate an effective energy transition in the maritime industry.

The success of the ESMI fund relies on strategic collaborations, and key partners include Elbe Financial Solutions, NRP, Simonsen Vogt Wiig, and Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore. Each entity plays a crucial role in ensuring the project’s financial, legal, and technical aspects are meticulously addressed.

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