Saudi Arabia has achieved a new milestone in sustainable transportation as its national railway company has entered into an agreement with its French partner to commence testing for its ambitious hydrogen train project.

In September 2022, Saudi Arabia Railways inked a memorandum of understanding with the French rail transportation giant Alstom to develop hydrogen train solutions tailored for the Kingdom.

As per the Saudi Press Agency, both entities will embark on operational experiments and studies to assess the trains’ compatibility with the environment, setting the stage for their future deployment.

Saudi Arabia Railways has underscored that these trains represent a pioneering initiative in the Middle East and North Africa, highlighting the Kingdom’s commitment to adopting sustainable transportation technologies.

Alstom has previously undertaken the implementation of major rail projects in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh Metro Lines 3, 4, 5, and 6. The company continues to be a prominent provider of sustainable mobility solutions in the Kingdom, thanks to its substantial investments in rail transport systems.

The Saudi-Alstom partnership to develop and test hydrogen trains is a significant step towards advancing sustainable transportation in the Kingdom. If successful, the project could pave the way for the deployment of hydrogen trains across Saudi Arabia and the wider region.

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