City Energy and Senoko Energy, two prominent energy companies in Singapore, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to jointly investigate the technical and commercial viability of importing and supplying hydrogen between their facilities in northern Singapore.

The agreement also includes the exploration of other hydrogen-related opportunities, such as green hydrogen, to meet the future demand for hydrogen power in Singapore.

The partnership between City Energy and Senoko Energy aims to develop an efficient and reliable hydrogen supply chain into Senoko, supporting Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy as a key decarbonization pathway in achieving the country’s net-zero emissions target by 2050. This collaboration aligns with Singapore’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions in the power system and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Perry Ong, CEO of City Energy, expresses excitement about the partnership, emphasizing their mission to provide clean and sustainable energy for generations to come. He recognizes hydrogen as a vital component in achieving this goal and highlights the significance of the MOU in advancing their efforts.

Eric Maka, President and CEO of Senoko Energy, highlights the importance of hydrogen-related technologies for Singapore, which has limited local clean energy resources. He looks forward to working together with City Energy to harness their collective strengths and expertise, accelerating the adoption of hydrogen power and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Ralph Foong, Deputy CEO (Energy Planning and Development) of the Energy Market Authority, acknowledges the importance of collaboration between stakeholders in exploring innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions while ensuring energy security. He expresses encouragement for City Energy and Senoko Energy’s proactive efforts in jointly exploring hydrogen opportunities and their potential to expedite Singapore’s energy transition.

City Energy’s collaboration with Gentari, the renewable energy arm of Petronas Malaysia, was announced in April, focusing on feasibility studies for a hydrogen supply chain from Malaysia to Singapore. Additionally, City Energy is working with institutes of higher learning to explore alternative hydrogen sources, supporting Singapore’s net-zero carbon emissions target.

Senoko Energy has made significant strides in sustainability, launching the SolarShare pilot project in 2020. SolarShare facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of renewable energy, demonstrating Senoko Energy’s commitment to meeting Singapore’s renewable energy demand and empowering consumers with greater electricity consumption choices. Senoko Energy has also expressed interest in participating in the Energy Market Authority’s Request for Proposal to import energy, supporting the regional grid and providing access to green energy sources that are otherwise limited in Singapore’s land-scarce environment.

Overall, the collaboration between City Energy and Senoko Energy, along with their individual initiatives, signifies Singapore’s commitment to pursuing cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. By exploring hydrogen technologies and developing an efficient supply chain, these companies contribute to the country’s ambitious climate goals while ensuring energy security and opening up new opportunities for renewable energy integration.

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