China Petrochemical Corp., commonly known as Sinopec, has completed a 1,500-kilometer test using hydrogen trucks.

Sinopec recently concluded a historic 1,500-kilometer test utilizing hydrogen-powered trucks, setting a new record for the longest uninterrupted journey driven by heavy-load hydrogen vehicles. Two 490,000-ton hydrogen-powered trucks, equipped with 180-kilowatt fuel-cell systems, traversed from Beijing to Shanghai, passing through multiple provinces and refueling at seven hydrogen stations along the way.

This landmark test signifies a significant leap forward in the viability of hydrogen trucks for long-distance logistics. While hydrogen transportation has been limited to short-distance applications due to infrastructure constraints and range limitations, Sinopec’s successful journey underscores the potential for hydrogen-powered vehicles in broader logistics operations.

The Chinese government’s focus on supporting the hydrogen energy sector through policy initiatives and technological innovation is evident. The National Energy Administration’s commitment to facilitating high-quality development in the hydrogen sector underscores the strategic importance of hydrogen in advancing industrial growth and sustainable energy transitions.

As a leading hydrogen refueling station operator, Sinopec is poised to play a pivotal role in driving the adoption of hydrogen transportation solutions. With an extensive network of refueling stations and ongoing government support, Sinopec is well-positioned to spearhead the expansion of hydrogen logistics and contribute to the transition towards a greener transportation ecosystem.

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