Solaris, a subsidiary of the CAF Group, has successfully secured contracts to supply a total of 235 hydrogen buses to Italy and Germany, representing a combined project value of EUR 150 million. These contracts mark a significant stride in the expansion of hydrogen fuel cell-based public transport across Europe.

Italian Hydrogen Bus Project in Bologna

In Bologna, Italy, the municipal public transport operator TPER has chosen Solaris to provide 127 hydrogen-powered buses. Notably, this project is part of one of the largest hydrogen fuel cell bus initiatives in Europe. The contract also includes the possibility of expanding the order to a total of 267 vehicles.

The chosen vehicles are the 12-meter Urbino hydrogen buses, equipped with a 70 kW fuel cell that generates power from hydrogen stored in five composite tanks on the bus’s roof. This configuration grants these buses an impressive range of 350 kilometers on a single hydrogen fill.

Delivery of the new hydrogen buses is expected to commence in 2024, with an initial batch of 34 units. The remaining buses are anticipated to be in operation between 2025 and 2026. This initiative underscores Bologna’s commitment to environmentally friendly public transportation.

Hydrogen-Powered Fleet Expansion in Venice

Meanwhile, the Azienda Veneziana della Mobilita (AVM) transport company in Venice, Italy, has placed an order for 90 hydrogen Solaris buses. This order includes 75 standard 12-meter buses and 15 articulated 18-meter buses. AVM has also retained the option to increase the number of vehicles with an additional 18 buses.

Deliveries of these hydrogen buses are scheduled to occur between the end of 2025 and the early weeks of 2026. Venice and its surrounding areas are already home to over 30 zero-emission Solaris buses, including both electric and hydrogen-powered units, underlining the region’s commitment to sustainable public transportation.

Germany’s Cologne Expands Hydrogen Bus Fleet

In Germany, the Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK), an operator in Cologne, has once again chosen Solaris for the acquisition of 18 articulated 18-meter hydrogen buses. This marks the third order of hydrogen-powered buses from the CAF Group for Cologne.

In 2021, Cologne introduced its first 15 Solaris hydrogen buses, followed by an additional 20 of the 12-meter model. With this latest order, expected to be delivered in the second half of 2024, Cologne is set to have one of the largest fleets of hydrogen Solaris buses in Germany, totaling over 50 vehicles operating in the city.

These initiatives underscore the growing commitment of European cities to transition to clean and sustainable public transportation solutions. Hydrogen-powered buses offer an environmentally friendly alternative, emitting only water vapor during operation and playing a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

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