South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is taking proactive measures to revitalize the hydrogen industry by establishing the ‘Hydrogen Industry Regulatory Innovation Public-Private Consultative Council.’

This collaborative effort aims to promote regulatory innovation and address the challenges faced by the hydrogen sector. By swiftly implementing necessary improvements and fostering a supportive environment, the ministry intends to facilitate the growth of the hydrogen business in the country.

During a recent meeting, the Ministry of Industry launched the public-private consultative body, which will regularly review existing regulations in the hydrogen industry and propose enhancements. The consultative body’s role extends beyond a passive review process, as representatives will actively visit hydrogen-related sites such as refueling stations and hydrogen plants to identify hidden difficulties and gather valuable insights.

To kickstart the initiative, the consultative body visited the hydrogen refueling station at Seoul’s Seosomun Government Building, a notable example of regulatory innovation. During the visit, the representatives engaged with the station’s operating organization, the Seoul Energy Corporation, to understand the implementation process and address operational challenges.

In conjunction with these efforts, the Ministry of Industry recently introduced the ‘Hydrogen Safety Management Roadmap 2.0,’ which focuses on preemptive safety standards for new hydrogen products and facilities. This roadmap outlines several key measures to promote safety and regulatory innovation within the hydrogen industry:

  1. Expanding the scope of hydrogen refueling stations to include various hydrogen-powered vehicles like forklifts, construction machinery, and trams.
  2. Streamlining safety standards to facilitate indoor hydrogen charging.
  3. Introducing liquid hydrogen charging stations for commercial vehicles, such as hydrogen buses.
  4. Institutionalizing self-charging capabilities for hydrogen-powered devices.

By broadening the reach of refueling stations and adapting safety standards to accommodate diverse applications, South Korea aims to foster a thriving hydrogen ecosystem. These strategic initiatives align with the country’s commitment to embracing clean and sustainable energy solutions.

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