TECO 2030, in collaboration with partners Ektank AB, Shell Shipping and Maritime, and DNV, introduces the Hy-Ekotank hydrogen-powered tanker concept.

The hydrogen-powered tanker will have zero emissions at berth and will reduce GHG emissions by up to 100 percent during the voyage. This innovative concept has the potential to be a first mover in the maritime shipping segment, contributing to the advancement of the European Union’s ambitious climate targets. As part of the European Green Deal, the EU committed to reducing GHG emissions by 55% by 2030, with the goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2050. The EU is currently developing climate, energy, and transportation legislation under the ‘Fit for 55 package’ to align current laws with the 2030 and 2050 ambitions.

As a result, there is a significant and growing need for technological innovation in zero-emission solutions developed for maritime transport, particularly for retrofitting existing ships. Switching from traditional petroleum-based marine fuels to zero-carbon alternatives like hydrogen can significantly reduce shipping’s carbon footprint.

“We are pleased to contribute with our high-quality and energy-efficient vessels towards the development of zero-emission technologies to meet environmental demands and regulations. We are delighted with how suitable our vessels fit into the concept of Hy-Ekotank which is aligned perfectly with our Company’s environmental strategy,” says Jörgen Johnsson, CEO Ektank AB.

“We’re working with our customers and across sectors to accelerate the transition to Net-Zero Emissions. We will contribute to a Net-Zero world, where society stops adding to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. That’s why we’ve set a target to become a Net-Zero Emissions energy business by 2050. We’re partnering with customers, businesses, and others to address emissions. This pioneering fuel cell concept will reduce carbon emissions in the maritime sector. We’ll continue to drive innovation to provide the cleaner energy that our customers need.” says Stephen Brown, Technology Manager, Shell Shipping and Maritime.

“We are humble to work on Hy-Ekotank with Ektank, Shell and DNV, as we believe these partners are a perfect match. With a cargo owner, shipowner, classification society, and a fuel cell provider, we will show the world what hydrogen is capable of doing for the maritime shipping industry. Remember it is all about eliminating emissions, and increasing value-adding activities,” says Tore Enger, Group CEO, TECO 2030.

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