The partnership between North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Dutch seaports, and other supply chain partners serves as a crucial foundation for the rapid advancement of green hydrogen supply chains.

To strengthen this relationship, a workshop on hydrogen infrastructure cooperation was recently conducted, aiming to accelerate investments in specific infrastructure projects and foster closer collaboration between the Netherlands and NRW.

The workshop, facilitated by HCSS, brought together stakeholders from existing and potential hydrogen supply chains in NRW and Dutch seaports. Using advanced 3D models and maps, participants analyzed and discussed the infrastructure required to establish efficient hydrogen value chains. The objective was to identify key measures to enhance cross-border collaboration and expedite the development of green hydrogen supply chains.

To facilitate seamless cross-border collaboration, closer alignment between the governments of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands is essential. Harmonizing policies and regulations will help create a conducive environment for the development of green hydrogen supply chains.

Coordinating infrastructure projects across borders is crucial for the efficient operation of green hydrogen supply chains. By aligning efforts and eliminating bottlenecks, stakeholders can ensure a smooth flow of hydrogen between supply centers in the Netherlands and industrial consumers in NRW.

Providing greater clarity on planning processes, licensing procedures, and off-take arrangements is essential for attracting investments and driving the development of cross-border hydrogen infrastructure. Transparent guidelines will instill confidence in potential investors and enable smoother project implementation.

The outcomes of this workshop have the potential to drive significant advancements in the cross-border green hydrogen supply chains between the Netherlands and NRW. By fostering collaboration, aligning policies, and streamlining infrastructure projects, the region can unlock the full potential of green hydrogen, reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable industrial growth.

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