SSE applauds First Hydrogen’s hydrogen-fuel cell delivery vans

First Hydrogen claims that SSE PLC, the leading energy infrastructure company in the United Kingdom, has been pleased with their hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered delivery van vehicle (FCEV). SSE drivers have been operating the FCEV for the previous two weeks while they go about their daily business in Aberdeen, Scotland. Initial feedback from SSE drivers compliments the FCEV’s range (500+ km) and easy and smooth drivability.

Throughout the test, the vehicle will be closely watched by onboard instruments. This aids First Hydrogen’s engineers in comprehending fuel usage, mileage, and vehicle performance under various circumstances. In order to keep the drivers and the car safe, it also enables them to monitor the use, location, and status of the vehicle in real-time.

Commissioners explore hydrogen fuel proposals in Harrison County

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners examined ideas for a regional hydrogen center spanning three states.

In order to generate sustainable energy and cut carbon emissions, the hydrogen hub will manufacture, store, and use hydrogen fuel. The fuel can be used for both transportation and energy after the project is finished.

The tri-state regional hydrogen hub project’s advancement was reviewed by Nick Homrighausen, executive director of Community Economic Development for Harrison County Community Improvement Corp. According to Homrighausen, the hub will be supported by funding from the Department of Energy.ž

Haffner Energy and Resilient Hydrogen launch EU green hydrogen projects

Haffner Energy and Resilient Hydrogen have signed a cooperation agreement to deploy projects based on Haffner’s carbon-negative technologies, initially in Europe.

The two companies aim to provide competitive decarbonization solutions by combining Haffner Energy’s technologies to produce renewable hydrogen, synthetic gas (syngas), and its derivatives like Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and methanol from residual biomass and Resilient Hydrogen’s expertise in international green hydrogen project management.

Resilient Hydrogen’s market network will help industry and heavy transportation clients shift to clean energy, with many projects already identified in Scandinavia and Iberia.

Yosemite Clean Energy receives $5M CEC hydrogen manufacturing grant

Yosemite Clean Energy, LLC in California is pleased to announce that the California Energy Commission (CEC) has granted it a $5 million grant. The money will help YCE build a state-of-the-art hydrogen manufacturing facility in Oroville, California. Only two CEC funds were given out, making Yosemite the winner in a crowded competition.

The facility seeks to harness forest biomass and transform it into green hydrogen fuel. It is expected to be finished in Q1 2026. Green hydrogen, which can power automobiles, trucks, buses, ships, and airplanes while reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to its negative carbon intensity, is a crucial part of California’s transition to a renewable transportation industry. Additionally, this novel approach lowers particle emissions, immediately improving public health and reducing the most immediate threat to our climate. Utilizing wood waste also improves ecosystem and watershed health, lowers the danger of catastrophic wildfire, and adds over 55 jobs to the local economy.

First shipment of CSIR-IICT hydrogen import alternative Hydrate out

Last week, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL) completed another milestone by releasing the first lot of Hydrazine Hydrate (80%) from their Dahej compound in Gujarat. The CSIR-IICT in Hyderabad first established the technology for producing hydrogen hydrate in a lab and on a bench.

It was then expanded up to the size of a pilot plant with GACL as a partner in industry. According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, hydrazine hydrate, an import substitute product of exceptional quality, will assist in lowering the nation’s reliance on imports and help save vital foreign currency.

In order to produce Hydrazine Hydrate (H6N2O), GACL and CSIR-IICT developed an indigenous process that has been granted patents by both India and the United States. GACL built a 10,000 TPA, 80% Hydrazine Hydrate commercial plant at their Dahej site, which was designed by CSIR-IICT.

First Hydrogen board member resigns

Nicholas Wrigley has resigned from the board of directors, according to First Hydrogen.

First Hydrogen is a Vancouver- and London, UK-based business that specializes in supercritical carbon dioxide extractor systems, zero-emission automobiles, and green hydrogen generation and delivery. Under two contracts with AVL Powertrain and Ballard Power Systems Inc., the company created and constructed light commercial demonstrator vehicles (“LCV”).

Master’s students visit Carburos Metálicos’ hydrogen factory

A group of more than 20 students from the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Permanent Training in Technologies of Hydrogen from the Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) and Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona) universities visited Metal Carbides, a leading company in the industrial and medical gases sector in Spain that is a member of the Air Products group, at its HyCO plant (Tarragona). The students had the opportunity to see one of the plants that

The students were given information regarding the production of hydrogen, filling of the hydrogen platforms, and CO2 capture while being accompanied by Jamie Nicoll, Director of the HyCO Plant. These students have a rare and nearly unheard-of opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of hydrogen generation, an energy source that will be crucial to the decarbonization of heavy industry and transportation by the year 2050.

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