Topsoe A/S, based in Denmark, has entered into an engineering agreement with Approtium, a leading industrial supplier of hydrogen in South Korea.

The collaboration aims to leverage Topsoe’s cutting-edge H2RETAKE technology to convert low-carbon ammonia into hydrogen, paving the way for a more sustainable energy future.

The primary goal of the partnership between Topsoe and Approtium is to spearhead the production of low-carbon hydrogen, a critical component in the global transition towards renewable energy sources. By harnessing Topsoe’s expertise in ammonia cracking technology, the project aims to deliver clean hydrogen to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly energy solutions.

At the heart of the initiative lies Topsoe’s revolutionary H2RETAKE technology, renowned for its efficiency in converting low-carbon ammonia, commonly known as blue ammonia, into hydrogen. This innovative process not only facilitates the utilization of ammonia as a key energy carrier but also holds immense potential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

The collaboration between Topsoe and Approtium holds the promise of significant environmental impact, particularly in South Korea’s quest for carbon neutrality. With the construction of an ammonia cracking plant in Ulsan, South Korea, capable of producing 75,000 metric tons of hydrogen annually, the project is poised to revolutionize the country’s energy landscape and accelerate its transition towards clean, renewable energy sources.

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