Hydrogen investment in the UAE is growing but remains far below what’s needed for net zero goals. To shed light on the trends and developments in hydrogen investment in the UAE, we spoke with Jeffrey Beyer, an expert in the field, where he offered invaluable insights into the opportunities and challenges facing hydrogen investment in the UAE.

Hydrogen presents an opportunity to reduce emissions in hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation, steel, and ceramics. Production of hydrogen will lead to a substantial increase in energy demand, either through renewable sources (green hydrogen) or natural gas with carbon capture (blue hydrogen).

The UAE offers a stable investment climate, attracting investors with lower cost finance and proper investment infrastructure. Geopolitical considerations drive UAE’s diversification into hydrogen, utilizing its renewable energy potential and positioning as a trusted ally.

UAE focuses on export markets for hydrogen, with domestic consumption plans relatively small. Stimulating domestic demand can facilitate bankable projects and incrementally grow both supply and demand.

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