West Frisian students Kaatje Bout and Liam Ligthart, along with TU Delft’s Eco-Runner team, have achieved a remarkable feat by breaking the world record for the longest distance covered by a hydrogen car using just 1 kilogram of fuel.

Their achievement surpasses the previous record set by Toyota, marking a significant milestone in sustainable transportation.

The Eco-Runner team, comprising 24 individuals, including Bout and Ligthart, has dedicated years of effort to develop a car that prioritizes sustainability. Their vehicle is designed to be lightweight and compact, ensuring excellent aerodynamics and enhanced fuel efficiency compared to conventional cars on the road today.

The record-breaking journey spanned over 2,300 kilometers, with the hydrogen tank finally running empty at 9 am. The achievement was met with euphoria among the TU Delft team, who celebrated the surpassing of Toyota’s previous record of 2,056 kilometers.

Liam Ligthart expressed the team’s motivation behind their pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions, stating, “We’ve witnessed cars growing larger and heavier over the years, consuming more and more fuel. However, this is unnecessary. The car we have developed is incredibly lightweight and compact, resulting in superior aerodynamics and significantly improved fuel efficiency compared to standard vehicles.”

The world record attempt took place at the Immendingen test and technology center in southern Germany, where Toyota and TU Delft have engaged in a friendly competition to push the boundaries of hydrogen car performance and efficiency.

This accomplishment holds great significance for the advancement of sustainable transportation. Hydrogen-powered vehicles offer a promising solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. With their impressive achievement, the West Frisian students and TU Delft’s Eco-Runner team have demonstrated the potential of hydrogen technology and showcased the possibilities of a more sustainable future.

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