Humboldt Transit Authority adds hydrogen buses and fuelling station

By using a $38.7 million grant, the Humboldt Transit Authority is building a hydrogen fuelling station and purchasing 11 cutting-edge hydrogen buses, which is a major step towards sustainable transportation in Humboldt County.The Transit Authority (HTA) in Humboldt County has adopted hydrogen technology. This action demonstrates the region’s commitment to increasing the effectiveness of public transit and is a major step forward for its green initiatives.

MaserFrakt vehicles will be refueled at Hynion’s refueling facilities

The hydrogen-powered vehicle that MaserFrakt recently received will be refueled at Hynion’s refueling facilities located in Sweden. The heavy-duty vehicle owned by MaserFrakt will refuel not only at its own station in Borlänge, but also in Sandviken, Västerås, and Jönköping.

MaserFrakt purchased two hydrogen trucks from Holthausen Clean Technology, which have a combined fuel cell capacity of 120–240kW, electric motors rated for 250–450kW, and hydrogen tanks weighing between 50 and 100 kg. Together, these features allow for a maximum range of about 680 km.

Last Monday, the first truck was brought to MaserFrakt’s Borlänge facility, where it would presumably be used for operations. Later in 2024, the second car will be delivered.

National Gas Metering and Tyseley Energy Park to build commercial hydrogen-powered kitchen

The partnership between National Gas Metering and Tyseley Energy Park represents a critical turning point in the advancement and practical use of hydrogen technology. The goal of this collaboration is to build a commercial kitchen that runs solely on hydrogen, demonstrating a creative and useful application of this clean energy source in daily life. The partnership has resulted in the kitchen’s commissioning during UK Hydrogen Week, bringing together prominent industry participants such as Fiorentini Metering Solutions, Enertech Consulting, and Falcon Appliance makers.

Rockwell Automation at forefront of World Electrolysis Congress

Rockwell Automation is poised to take center stage at the prestigious World Electrolysis Congress (WEC24) in Dusseldorf, Germany, from March 4-6. The event will see a high-profile delegation from Rockwell Automation, featuring prominent figures in sustainability and renewables technologies, showcasing cutting-edge solutions for enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of renewable energy production.

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