Clean Power Hydrogen names new COO

Arash Selahi, the chief operating officer of Clean Power Hydrogen, has been elevated to this position.

The UK company developing technology for hydrogen production claimed Selahi has a wealth of experience running industrial manufacturing facilities across a variety of industries.

A new chief technical officer will join Clean Power in the first half of 2023.

Singapore to produce hydrogen at Jurong Island

Singapore has picked Jurong Island as the location for additional development of alternative marine fuels.

According to the authorities, expressions of interest are sought to “create, own, and operate low or zero-carbon power production and bunkering solutions in Jurong Island.”

Given that ammonia is currently “one of the most technologically ready hydrogen carriers with an established international supply chain for industrial use,” the project “will enable Singapore to assess the viability of such projects and support the development of the safety standards, regulations, and ecosystem required.”

The move is part of Singapore’s previously declared national hydrogen policy.

Green H2 Cluster creates action plan for next five years

On December 1, the co-founders and members of the Green H2 Cluster gathered to create an action plan to help achieve the country’s goal in this regard.

This roadmap will be implemented over the course of the next five years, and it will be accompanied by structuring studies on the analysis of transport options for the export of hydrogen and its derivatives, the value chains of the ammonia industries, methanol, and e-fuels, the identification of hydrogen project opportunities across the value chain, and the creation of financing plans.

INEOS Inovyn first to use green hydrogen truck for PVC delivery

By being the first business to employ a green hydrogen vehicle for PVC delivery next year, INEOS Inovyn will set a European record.

Deliveries of the new vehicle will start from the Benvic factory in Dijon to INEOS Inovyn’s PVC manufacturing facility in Tavaux at the end of Q1 2023.

Every year, about 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be saved, and beginning in April, there will be no emissions from delivery.

This was made possible thanks to INEOS Inovyn’s collaboration with Benvic and the industrial logistics firm GCA Trans Service on the development of a new hydrogen-powered truck.

The truck is based on a DAF chassis, but instead of a diesel engine, it will have hydrogen fuel cells. It will be refueled at a nearby station in Dijon that only uses 100% green hydrogen, and it will have a 500-kilometer range between fill-ups.

Forvia places a wager on hydrogen

In response to a problem, Allenjoie (Doubs), Canada will soon be home to hydrogen tanks with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 units. The group will provide the Renault Master’s tanks. Along with Michelin, it also creates fuel cells.

To cross France in electric vehicles equipped with enormous batteries? Patrick Koller does not concur. too unreasonable The CEO of Forvia claims that hydrogen is the best option for trips longer than 300 kilometers. The seventh largest automotive supplier in the world, French Faurecia, which acquired the German Hella at the beginning of 2022, is developing 100 kW fuel cells for 8,000 euros that will provide 600 km of autonomy and five minutes of charge. an actual leap of faith For this, Forvia and Michelin have partnered to form Symbio, a 50/50 corporation. This joint venture revealed in October that it would invest a total of one billion euros in France over the course of seven years, including governmental assistance!

By 2028, Symbio will have the first industrial site at Saint-Fons, close to Lyon, with a production capacity of 100,000 combustion cells annually. Production will begin by the end of 2023. Forvia, however, is also an expert in 700-bar high-pressure hydrogen tanks. It recently made an announcement on a deal to outfit the Renault Master van starting in 2023. Around 2024–2025, the tanks will also be manufactured in France, in Allenjoie (Doubs), with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 units. Early in October, the group announced that the European Union had provided 213 million euros in funding for their initiative. It’s a win-win situation since, according to Patrick Koller, “the life of the tanks will be longer than that of the cars” and they can therefore be recycled.

Snam completes turbine tests satisfactorily

Snam has finished its successful experimentation with using hydrogen as a fuel to power gas turbines. The business finished a series of tests at its compressor station in Istrana in November (Treviso). A mixture of 10% hydrogen and 90% methane is compatible with all of the plant’s numerous components, according to research done in conjunction with Baker Hughes, a technology business serving the energy and industrial sectors.

One of the thirteen compressor stations in the national transportation network, the Istrana plant’s job is to provide the gas with the necessary push so that it may flow in the pipelines to the many locations of consumption in the Peninsula. This is the first Italian compressor station where a “hydrogen-ready” turbine, the Baker Hughes-designed and -built NovaLT12 (with a power of 12 MW), has recently been installed. The PGT25 (with a power of 25 MW), a Baker Hughes turbine designed to run on natural gas and tested for the first time with a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen (10%), was also a part of the experiments. This turbine is already in operation at the plant.

EDP emphasizes the necessity of assisting the hydrogen project

Manuel Pérez has emphasized the necessity of continuing to support hydrogen initiatives, such as those that the energy firm is promoting to modernize its thermal power plants.

The CEO gave his opinion on potential future funding sources for hydrogen projects during his participation in the European Commission’s Hydrogen Forum, which was held in Brussels and created under the auspices of the European Green Hydrogen Alliance.

According to the firm, Perez took part in a panel discussion titled “Solving the chicken and egg conundrum, the relationship between hydrogen production and demand.”

Due to their importance for the energy transition, three EDP initiatives have recently been designated Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI Hy2Use), which qualify for funding.

POSCO looks for the potential for hydrogen in Oman

The largest steel producer in South Korea, POSCO Holdings, has declared that it is considering investing in a massive green hydrogen project at Duqm, in the southeast of the Sultanate of Oman, together with a green steel mill.

The information was made public at the Korea-Oman Green Hydrogen Strategic Forum 2022, which took place on Monday, December 5, 2022, at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The forum was put on by the Korean hydrogen convergence alliance H2Korea with assistance from the Korean Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Sultanate of Oman.

Juik Cho, Executive Vice President (Hydrogen Business) at POSCO Holdings, said during the event that a powerful consortium is being put together to compete for available land being offered up by the Omani government under a recently launched public auction program for the development of green hydrogen projects in Oman.

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