Universal Hydrogen has unveiled the AmpCart H2, a breakthrough in airport ground support equipment (GSE) charging infrastructure. The technology, developed in collaboration with Oshkosh AeroTech, promises to decarbonize airport operations and overcome the limitations of traditional charging methods.

The primary goal of Universal Hydrogen’s AmpCart H2 is to reduce carbon emissions in airport ground operations. By providing a clean, hydrogen-powered mobile charging solution, the company aims to address the shortcomings of existing electric GSE charging infrastructure, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable aviation industry.

At the core of the AmpCart H2 is Universal Hydrogen’s modular fueling technology, which eliminates the need for purpose-built hydrogen fueling infrastructure. This innovative approach enables every airport to become hydrogen-ready, offering a scalable and flexible solution for charging electric GSE.

The operational demonstration of the AmpCart H2 at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles marks a significant milestone in the adoption of hydrogen as an aviation fuel. By showcasing the viability of hydrogen-powered GSE charging, Universal Hydrogen is paving the way for broader acceptance of hydrogen technology in the aviation industry.

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