HRS takes part in hydrogen refueling station project

For the provision, installation, and maintenance of a 330 kg/day hydrogen refueling station for a French urban area, HRS, a designer and manufacturer and the market leader in Europe for hydrogen refueling stations, has been chosen.

The planned commissioning date is 2023. For a total of roughly 3 million euros, HRS will design, provide, and install a refueling station specifically for the agglomeration’s request for tenders.

An important feature of this station, which will distribute hydrogen and be connected to numerous storage facilities, is its ability to simultaneously refill a fleet of hydrogen-powered buses.

Navtek and e1 marine developing hydrogen-powered marine boats

Navtek and e1 marine agreed to develop “hydrogen-powered, low-carbon emission marine boats and port applications” for the European market.

The naval architecture, overall vessel design, and electrical propulsion system design will all be created by Navek. Additionally, the company will oversee ship assembly and construction as well as the integration of the power system and controls. The vessels will receive methanol-to-hydrogen reformers from E1 Marine.

Hydrogen tank explosion leaves two people injured in Turkey

The iron and steel mill located in the Organized Industrial Zone in the Eregli district of Zonguldak experienced an explosion that injured two workers as they were cleaning the hydrogen tank.

The event happened at the Tat Metal Factory, which is located in the district’s Hamzafakhl District. The evidence gathered indicates that an explosion happened in the factory’s galvanizing line section when hydrogen tanks were being cleaned for an unidentified reason. The explosion injured two industrial employees who were on the job.

When it was discovered that the injured were in critical condition, an accident investigation was launched.

Incheon City to increase number of hydrogen filling stations

Next year, Incheon City will provide 2,127 hydrogen vehicles and add 8 hydrogen charging stations.

By increasing the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles available, Incheon City will quicken the transition to hydrogen in the transportation industry.

By 2030, the city hopes to have distributed 60,000 hydrogen vehicles, achieving carbon neutrality in the transportation industry.

To this purpose, a budget of KRW 107.1 billion, a 373% increase from the previous year, would be allocated to the purchase of 2,127 hydrogen vehicles, including passenger cars, buses, trucks, and trash trucks.

In the meantime, the number of hydrogen filling stations, which has been a significant barrier to the supply of hydrogen vehicles, will increase to 14 in 2019. In order to create a system that can be reached within 20 minutes from every location by 2030, the city has been encouraging the building of hydrogen filling stations alongside private gas stations and LPG filling stations.

Finland to partner with Saudi Arabia in hydrogen

In the near future, Helsinki hopes to increase student exchange, tourism, investments, and trade with Riyadh. This comes as Finland looks forward to maximizing its strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia.

Anu-Eerika Viljanen, the Finnish ambassador to Saudi Arabia, remarked that significant projects featured in Saudi Arabia’s national reform plan, Vision 2030, present significant commercial potential for numerous Finnish enterprises.

She said that Finland’s exports to Saudi Arabia accounted for 298 million euros in exports to the Kingdom in 2021, making it the country’s top Gulf export destination.

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