Two hydrogen-powered buses to hit the road in Australia

In South Australia, two hydrogen-powered buses are about to hit the road. According to the transportation provider, over 80,000 passenger trips could be made in the ensuing 12 months.

The Foton Mobility Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses (FTH12s), which will be used by Torrens Transit out of its Morphettville depot in Adelaide, will be a welcome addition to the fleet of environmentally friendly transportation options already comprised of 60 electric buses.

The buses will be powered by green hydrogen from Hydrogen Park South Australia, a joint venture between the South Australian government and Australian Gas Infrastructure Group that incorporates green hydrogen into the regional gas grid.

August should bring UK Government financing for Holyhead Hydrogen Hub

At the end of August, the UK Government is anticipated to make a final decision regarding funding essential to the creation of the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub.

The Welsh Government views hydrogen as a crucial component of its strategy for renewable energy.

In the global shift away from fossil fuels, hydrogen fuel is often regarded as one of the most promising energy sources.

AirNZ to test electric or hydrogen aircraft

In a pilot project, AirNZ intends to test electric or hydrogen aircraft to reduce pollution. Beginning in 2026, the national carrier plans to test low-emission aircraft for moving freight.

Additionally, it is looking for two airports to join the new freight service, which will use aircraft powered by hydrogen, electric, or hybrid fuel.

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