Photoncycle advances solar energy storage with solid hydrogen

A Norwegian business called Photoncycle is working on interseason solar energy storage, which might allow the surplus solar energy produced in the summer to be stored and used for electricity and heating in the winter. According to the business, solid hydrogen holds the key to bringing the solution to market in a few of years.

Levidian expands in Middle East

The Middle East will see Levidian, a UK-based manufacturer of graphene and hydrogen, establish its first overseas location in Abu Dhabi.

With the UAE-based Zero Carbon Ventures, Levidian signed an export agreement worth £700 million ($850 million) in May 2022 to install more than 500 of its LOOP systems, which transform waste gas from the oil and gas and other industries into clean hydrogen and graphene.

Sarawak Metro collects required data for prototype zero-emission car

After two months of engineering run, Sarawak Metro Sdn Bhd, the operator of the hydrogen-powered Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART), has collected the required data for the prototype zero-emission car.

Johor Metro stated that the engineering run, which took place at the Isthmus in September and October, was primarily focused on gathering technical data, with particular attention paid to the hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system and the movement guidance system of the ART vehicle.

Hydrogen Council welcomes Agfa

Agfa declared that, from January 1, 2024, it will become a supporting member of the Hydrogen Council. A global project called the Hydrogen Council unites leading businesses with the common goal of promoting the clean energy transition to hydrogen.

Agfa is dedicated to promoting the transition to renewable energy sources. This is being accomplished, in part, by the company through the production of award-winning ZIRFON membranes. These membranes are the central component of alkaline water electrolyzers, which generate green hydrogen for use in fuel, heating, industrial operations, and ammonia synthesis. ZIRFON has the potential to significantly contribute to the economic viability of large-scale green hydrogen production, which would ultimately result in a decrease in CO2 emissions worldwide.

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