Windcat orders two more hydrogen-powered CSOVs

The company Windcat, owned by Compagnie Maritime Belge, has placed a second order with Damen Shipyards for two commissioning service operation vessels (CSOVs).

With an initial order for the series of hydrogen-powered vessels placed about a year ago, this brings the Belgian owner’s Windcat CSOV fleet to five.

Fishing vessel to get green hydrogen from Norwegian Hydrogen

The MS Skulebas, the first fishing vessel in the world to combine fuel cells and batteries, will receive green hydrogen produced at Norwegian Hydrogen’s Hellesylt factory through a contract with the Vestland County Council.

Norwegian Hydrogen stated in a statement released yesterday, November 27, that it will begin supplying green hydrogen “as soon as the MS Skulebas is ready for hydrogen operation during summer 2024.”

The MS Skulebas, a 35-meter fishing and training vessel based in Måløy, is run by Måløy Upper Secondary School under ownership of Vestland County.

SunHydrogen’s CEO visits COTEC-developed plant in Changwon

In order to scale up SunHydrogen’s green hydrogen technology, COTEC, the company’s partner, built a new plant in Changwon, South Korea, which was visited by CEO Tim Young of SunHydrogen.
Partner SunHydrogen completes new plant for green hydrogen technology scaling up
Thanks to SunHydrogen and COTEC.

The goal of SunHydrogen is to create a revolutionary technology that uses water and sunshine to make sustainable hydrogen. Recently, COTEC, the company’s industrial partner, finished building a new laboratory in Changwon with the express purpose of developing SunHydrogen’s manufacturing process.

Mr. Young paid a visit to the facility to observe the advancements made there as COTEC gets ready to start emulating SunHydrogen’s nanoparticle-based technology using cutting-edge industrial electroplating techniques.

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