The West of England unveiled its pioneering green hydrogen plant this week. Situated at the forefront of innovation within the IAAPS (Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems) engineering and innovation center in Emersons Green, Gloucestershire.

Funded by a substantial £2.5 million investment from the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority, led by Mayor Tim Norris, the primary goal of the green hydrogen plant is to produce and store zero-emission fuel. By leveraging electrolysis, a process that extracts hydrogen from water, the plant aims to demonstrate the viability and potential of green hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-derived hydrogen.

Green hydrogen, derived from renewable sources, offers a stark contrast to “grey” hydrogen, which is produced using fossil fuel-powered electrolysis, resulting in significant environmental consequences. By focusing on green hydrogen production, the plant seeks to reduce carbon emissions by a remarkable 84%, thereby addressing critical climate challenges and advancing the region’s sustainability objectives.

Beyond its immediate production capabilities, the plant serves as a hub for pioneering research on the utilization of green hydrogen across various sectors, including aviation, shipping, and heavy-duty transport. One key area of focus is hydrogen storage, essential for enabling widespread adoption in industries traditionally reliant on fossil fuels. By exploring innovative storage solutions, the plant aims to unlock the full potential of green hydrogen as a versatile and eco-friendly energy source.

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