Hong Kong is witnessing a surge in popularity for electric vehicles, with an increasing number of charging stations and major bus operators investing in electric buses.

However, as one operator explores the potential of hydrogen energy and buses, there is a strong case for them to reconsider and remain committed to electric buses in order to achieve a truly sustainable and greener future.

The development of hydrogen fuels is still in its early stages, with limited infrastructure and minimal demand. The two primary methods of extracting hydrogen, commercial electrolysis, and steam-methane reforming, are energy-intensive and can produce carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, hydrogen vehicles currently face low interest and high costs. On the other hand, electric vehicles have been making significant strides in terms of affordability, efficiency, and ownership rates.

Given the tremendous progress and incentives in electric vehicle development, it seems counterintuitive for Citybus to venture into hydrogen bus development. Instead, it would be more prudent for them to invest in research and development to procure more electric buses and expand charging infrastructure. With other bus companies already focusing on electric bus development, there is little demand for hydrogen buses. Moreover, hydrogen buses are relatively unproven as a viable mode of transportation compared to electric buses.

It is crucial for Hong Kong to learn from the example of Shenzhen, a city that has successfully embraced new energy solutions. Shenzhen’s experience highlights the effectiveness of electric buses in achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral transportation system. By following Shenzhen’s lead and prioritizing electric buses, Hong Kong can make significant progress in reducing emissions and promoting a cleaner urban environment.

While it is important to explore different alternative fuels, it is essential to prioritize resources and investments wisely. Currently, electric buses offer a more mature and viable solution for Hong Kong’s transportation needs. By staying committed to electric buses, Hong Kong can accelerate the transition to a greener future and contribute to global efforts in combating climate change.

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