In order to collaboratively investigate liquid hydrogen (LH2) production, storage, and refuelling at airports, ZeroAvia and Absolut Hydrogen formed a cooperation.

Together, the partners will construct and test liquefaction and liquid hydrogen storage in an airport setting. They will then investigate technological advancements, operational concepts, safety protocols, and standards for more extensive deployment to supply liquid hydrogen to aircraft.

With an entry-level small scale hydrogen liquefaction system ( 50 kg/day), a 100 kg/day Turbo-Brayton based H2 liquefier, and a 1T/day liquefier based on the same technology, Absolut Hydrogen is providing a full LH2 product line.

While ZeroAvia’s first certified powertrains for up to 19 seat aircraft will run on gaseous hydrogen, liquid hydrogen will be needed for the ZA2000, a 2-5.4 MW modular powerplant for 40-80 seat aircraft that is scheduled to enter service in 2027. By increasing the volumetric energy density of the fuel, this will allow for the support of larger aeroplanes that can carry more people on longer than usual trips.

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